Paris 2014

I have taken a vow to take my son somewhere different every year for his birthday. For his first birthday this past May, I decided it was going to be a big trip to Europe! I had been to Europe one other time, but never these countries. We travelled to Ireland, caught a plane to Paris, France, another flight to London, England, and then finished off the trip in Ireland. (If you’re thinking that was a lot of traveling with an infant…’re right!) It was a very rewarding trip and I had so much fun. There were a few bumps but overall it was a great experience.

It would be impossible to blog about the entire trip in one sitting so I decided to start with my favorite city: Paris, France! It was such a beautiful city!

[shot from the plane when we arrived]


[Group shot on the first day]

We had about 2.5 days in Paris so we wanted to make sure we did all of the big things. We got to see the Louvre, the world famous museum (home of the Mona Lisa). We didn’t actually go in because it was kind of crowded. But we did take awesome pictures outside of it!

image_9 image_7 image_8 10359071_10152466372549524_5394515529522698436_o

[My best friend/travel buddy Caleb took a pretty epic pic!]

From the Louvre, we took a stroll in the garden right behind it. Here it started to rain so we had a glass of wine in a nearby cafe. I just loved that in the middle of the day we could just stop for a glass of wine. The waiters spoke French but stopped repeatedly to tell me how beautiful they thought my son was. [there was one waiter who could translate a little]

We continued our walk and came upon the Seine River

image_11 image_12


And across the way we could see the Eiffel Tower and all of her beauty!


We didn’t actually see the Eiffel Tower until the next day. It was a raining a lot when we were in Paris, so we got a late start in the day. The good thing about that was there wasn’t a long line when we got there. We waited less than 30 minutes and went right to the top!!

image_4 image_6image_9 image_16 image_22 image_25


The views from the top were AMAZING. I was a little nervous about going to the top because I’m a little afraid of heights. But it was very much worth it. [my aunt talked me into it] The views are absolutely beautiful. I can only thank God for giving me the opportunity to have such an experience! Side note: The entrance to the Tower isn’t expensive, so it’s a must do. I was told the lines can be really long and to get there early, but thank goodness it rained so we missed the line. Yay!

image_28 image_19



One great travel option that we found was the Seine River tour. It allows you to hop on and hop off at all the big sites [for a reasonable price!]. So instead of walking from place to place or trying to figure out buses we just used the river tour. It was a great view, and we got to see all the cool places!

image_15 image_17


If you’re wondering where my son was for all this he was either asleep or hanging in his chariot. It was raining at some points and I didn’t want him getting wet. Plus he doesn’t care for pictures ;(


Another super cool thing about Paris is the infamous: Love Lock Bridge. It’s a bridge where people from all over the world come and place locks on the bridge to signify their love and throw the keys into the river. It was definitely a site to see!! I decided to leave a lock with my name and my son’s 🙂


I loved almost everything about Paris: they have a GREAT public transportation system. Everything is accessible. French is the main language, but contrary to popular belief, no one was upset that we didn’t speak a single word of French. The only aspect I didn’t really care for about Paris was the meal choices, and I blame it on my American way. Their portions are super small, and for breakfast it’s popular to only have tea and toast. That’s right: no bacon, no oatmeal, you can add an egg for extra price, no pancakes (but there were crepes!). I’m a big eater, so it wasn’t my fancy. But that’s not really a complaint.

In the end I absolutely LOVED the city of Love! Until we meet again Paris 😉

image_26 image_27

Rest of Europe 2014 Posts to come.

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